Sunday, May 30, 2010


Entry Scabies itu la penyakit saya alami...
sebelum ni pakar kulit kata eczema...
mungkin masa tu eczema...
tp dah jadi lain plak...

sangat alergik dengan kucing
pegang je terus gatal2
tapi saya sangat suka peluk n cium kucing
demi kesihatan harus dielakkan
kalau berjaya mengelak

2 doktor dah sebut psl scabies ni
kena la caya gak
baru sembuh 2 3 hari lepas
kena semula plak pasal pegang anak2 kucing
n manja2kan abang tadi

moga cepat sembuh



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scabies, also known as sarcoptic mange and colloquially known as the itch, is a contagious ectoparasitic skin infection characterized by superficial burrows and intense pruritus (itching). It is caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. The word scabies itself is derived from the Latin word (scabere) for "scratch". More severe forms of scabies include crusted scabies and Norwegian scabies.

Signs and symptoms

The characteristic symptoms of scabies infection include superficial burrows, intense pruritus (itching), a generalized rash and secondary infection. Acropustulosis, or blisters and pustules on the palms and soles of the feet, are characteristic symptoms of scabies in infants.[1]

S-shaped tracks in the skin are often accompanied by small, insect-type bites called nodules that may look like pimples.[1] These burrows and nodules are often located in the crevices of the body, such as the webs of fingers, toes, feet, buttocks, elbows, waist area, genital area and axilla, and under the breasts in women.[1]

The intense itching and rash characteristic of scabies infection is caused by an allergic reaction of the body to the burrowed microscopic scabies mites. The rash can be found over much of the body, especially in immunocompromised people (HIV positive or elderly); the associated itching is often most prevalent at night.[2]

Secondary infection of impetigo, a Streptococci or Staphylococci bacterial skin infection, may occur after scratching. Cellulitis may also occur, resulting in localized swelling, redness and fever (DermNet).

In immuno-compromised, malnourished, elderly or institutionalized individuals, infestation can cause a more severe form of scabies known as crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies. This syndrome is characterized by a scaly rash, slight itching and thickened crusts of skin containing thousands of mites.[2] Norwegian scabies is the form of scabies that is hardest to treat.

In individuals never before exposed to scabies, the onset of clinical signs and symptoms is 4–6 weeks after infestation. Some people may not realize that they have it for years; in previously exposed individuals, onset can be as soon as 2–4 days after infestation.


Scabies is highly contagious and can be spread by scratching, picking up the mites under the fingernails and simply touching another person's skin. They can also be spread onto other objects like keyboards, toilets, clothing, towels, bedding, furniture, and anything else onto which the mite may be rubbed off, especially if a person is heavily infested. The parasite can survive up to 14 days away from a host, but often do not survive longer than two or three days away from human skin.[3] Scabies is caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei, variety hominis, as shown by the Italian biologist Diacinto Cestoni in the 18th century. It produces intense, itchy skin rashes when the impregnated female tunnels into the stratum corneum of the skin and deposits eggs in the burrow. The larvae, which hatch in 3–10 days, move about on the skin, molt into a "nymphal" stage, and then mature into adult mites. The adult mites live 3–4 weeks in the host's skin.

The action of the mites moving within the skin and on the skin itself produces an intense itch which may resemble an allergic reaction in appearance. The presence of the eggs does not, in fact, produce more itching; this conjecture is only myth. It is rather the feces of the mites which cause the allergic reaction.

Scabies can be transmitted readily throughout an entire household by skin-to-skin contact with an infected person (e.g. bed partners, schoolmates, daycare). It can be spread by clothing, bedding or towels. Washing clothing in very hot water and dry on high heat will help prevent the transmission. Alternatively, permethrin sprays can be used for items that cannot be laundered.

The symptoms of itching and rash are caused by an allergic reaction that the human body develops over time to the mites and their by-products under the skin. As such, there is usually a 2-6 week incubation period between infestation and presentation of symptoms. However, in individuals with prior exposure to scabies, the incubation period is much shorter: as little as 1–4 days.[4]

There are usually relatively few mites on a normal, healthy person (who is infested with scabies) — about 11 females in burrows. Scabies are microscopic although sometimes they are visible as a pinpoint of white. The females burrow into the skin and lay eggs there. Males roam on top of the skin but can also occasionally burrow.

Signs and symptoms of early scabies infestation mirror other skin diseases, including dermatitis, syphilis, allergic reactions and other ectoparasites such as lice and fleas.[5]

Generally diagnosis is made by finding burrows. This may be difficult because they are scarce and because they are obscured by scratch marks. If burrows are not found in the primary areas known to be affected, the entire skin surface of the body should be examined.

The suspicious area can be rubbed with ink from a fountain pen or a topical tetracycline solution which will glow under a special light. The surface is then wiped off with an alcohol pad; if the person is infected with scabies, the characteristic zigzag or "S" pattern of the burrow across the skin will appear.

When a suspected burrow is found, diagnosis may be confirmed by microscopy of surface scrapings taken with a scalpel or curette. These are then placed on a slide in glycerol or mineral oil and contained with a coverslip. Avoiding potassium hydroxide is necessary because it may dissolve fecal pellets. Positive diagnosis is made when the mite, ova or fecal pellets are found. Although this sounds simple in practice, actual detection of scabies sites is very difficult. It often requires the scraping of dozens of suspicious lesions down to the superficial dermis. This will result in minor bleeding in spots. Even a negative (unsuccessful) scraping will not completely rule out scabies. Sometimes the best diagnosis is by the history, physical findings and response to effective topical treatment. The diagnosis of Crusted Scabies is not as elusive and a scraping under the fingernail is often diagnostic.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


hari2 niaga bosan
hari2 niaga customer sikit sangat
hari2 niaga income cukup2 bayar segala bil
hari2 niaga income cukup2 utk makan
hari2 niaga income x cukup untuk keperluan dan kehendak
hari2 niaga menambah penat pada badan
hari2 niaga menyakitkan hati bila stock selalu kena buang
hari2 niaga rasa berat nak bangun pagi
hari2 niaga membazir masa menonggok kat kedai
hari2 niaga membazir tenaga memunggah barang2 yg x digunakan
hari2 niaga membazir elektrik sebab pelanggan sikit sangat
hari2 niaga membazir air sebab kena basuh semua peralatan walaupun baru guna untuk 1 kali masakan
hari2 niaga org duk tanya napa lama cuti
hari2 niaga org duk kata kedai tutup
hari2 niaga korang x nampak ke?
hari2 aku berniaga... dan selalu juga org kata kedai tutup. buta ke rabun? hurm...
malas dah nak berfikir...

moralnya... jangan meniaga lagi
kalau x niaga nak makan apa?
bersabar je la...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calling - Gil Ofarim & Karylle

Got this from Gil Ofarim song... I love this songs so much...
plus been edited by someone with meaningful poem
it is poem?
its really touch my feeling...
I do really love this songs since i am young...
but i am not too old now... just 27 years :)

Tonight I resign myself to missing you
for i know i have the rest of my life
to wake up next to you.
if i knew missing you was going to be a part of my life,
I never would have let you in.
your love as far as i can see
is all I ever gonna need.
I'm falling in love with you.
Love is not about finding the right person,
but creating a right relationship.
It's not about how much love you have in the beginning,
but how much love you build till the end.
Here in my heart,
that's where you'll be;
you'll be with me,
here in my heart.
No distance can keep us apart,
long as you're in my heart.
When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a person,
you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


meniaga hari ni agak lemau
customer tetap x ramai yg datang
erti kata lain, dekat 2 bulan ni niaga memang amat menyesakkan
fikiran pun x menentu dah
badan dah semakin kurus
itu adalah kerana diet aku
dan customer sudah menegur
dan beberapa org disekitar tempat meniaga juga menegur
'dah kurus sikit'
itulah ayat biasa yg aku dengar
makan nasi hari2 jam 4 atau 5 petang
itu sekali sahaja
pagi hanya minum milo ais (ini tidak baik utk kesihatan tp itu adalah feveret saya)
tghari (dalam kul 11-12) makan koey teow/bihun/maggie sekali sekala
2x je la makan kiranya dalam sehari
exercise bila rajin je sekarang
a few months ago hari2 exercise
exercise sebulan menurunkan berat dr 58kg ke 52kg...
semalam timbang dah 50kg
harus menurunkan semula ke 46kg
biar la org kata keringpun, janji badan rs segar
bila cecah 50 ni lesu n cepat mengah
ke faktor usia?
ya, aku sudah tua :D

Friday, May 14, 2010

Offer Letter dr Troy Hotel...

Aku mohon kerja di UK
di sebuah Hotel bernama Troy
jawatan tidak aku nyatakan
harapan sama ada IT trainer atau Guest Service Officer
skali offer jd tukang masak
apakah harus aku terima?
3 hari je masa diberi utk menghantar semua attachment yg disertakan
memang training sebulan diberi
gaji aku mohon 3000 pound sterling juga dipenuhi
masalahnya... aku orang Islam
di UK pastinya masakan tidak halal wujud
iman sudahla nipis

segala kelebihan ada disitu
makan minum, tempat tinggal
soma disediakan
gaji menarik
tp cuma aku masih berfikir...

kalau boleh berbicara dengan org sana masalah aku ni
pasti senang
xde ke bahagian lain
silap resume gak... banyak experience jd tukang masak
marketing hanya 2 ke 3 tahun pengalaman

inilah offer letter mereka....

Troy Hotel
68-70 Queensborough
Terrace, London W2 3SH, UK
Tel: +447045702724 Fax: +4402077273156

Ref: EB/71740023/FSD


Dear Ismawati Abu Bakar,

Following the serious review and evaluation of your cv/resume that was conducted by the Human Resources Department of Troy Hotel London. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for our current position of Cook.

Fill correctly and sign the attached UK work permit visa forms and return back to us with all the necessary required documents. Please Note; You shall have an oral interview with the hotel management upon your arrival to the United Kingdom and before your commencement to work.

You shall report directly to the Public Relations Officer upon your arrival. And you shall undergo a one month training and orientation to equip you with the knowledge on how to carry out your duty effectively.


Your hire date is effective Monday, June 14, 2010.

The duration of your work is 8 hours per day (Day Shift).

Your total annual salary after tax £ 36, 000.00 Great Britain Pounds.

Your current weekly salary shall be £ 750.00 Great Britain Pounds per week.

Your UK Work Permit, Flight Ticket and Entry Visa will be taking care of by the Hotel.

For the first year vacation time shall be pro-rated, so you will be entitled to 21 days’ vacation for every year.

The duration of your appointment is three years and will be renewed for further period on mutual agreement.

As our employee you are expected to undergo a training period, which will normally be one month. This will provides you and your supervisor with an opportunity to assess performance and comment on progress and plan development pathways.

During this one-month training and orientation you will be receiving your full weekly salary and overtime subject to satisfactory performance.


. Pay airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.
. Medical insurance care will be taking care of by the hotel.
. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
. Feedings and accommodation will be taking care of by the hotel.
. Free medical care in the United Kingdom for employee and family.
. Quality singled and family housing accommodation in hotel community.
. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment.
. Full accessed to some of the finest and social recreational facilities in the United Kingdom.


These are the lists of the requirements you are expected to send for the processing of your UK entry visa, work permit by the UK Migration experts and sealing of your appointment offer.

The scan copies of your filled UK entry clearance application forms, scan copy of your valid international passport (page with your personal data) and your current postal address where your UK work permit visa will be send to you.

Kindly print out the attached UK entry clearance application forms and fill clearly with blue ink. Fill in the answers you are able to provide and we shall complete other blank spaces on your behalf to effect approval of employment work authorization.

You are required to furnish us with the necessary documents before three days as a proof of Readiness to join Troy Hotel in due time as stipulated on the details of your employment.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with you as we move closer to the opening date of this employment offer.

Yours truly,
Lamberth Moore
Human Resources Director

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christian Audigier

ya, saya sudah dapat catalog
sebagai wholesaler, semua catalog harus diedit
dan sungguh tengkuk sudah sakit
mau upload katalog dalam ShopFrom-USA
mau update price esok
hari ni dah penat
nasib x beratus2 mcm ed hardy and levi's

order ed hardy dan levi's sudah dihantar
tunggu confirmation dr pihak di chicago
aku buat ready stock
dekat 4K+ modal
habis simpanan buat business ni
hope modal kembali dan ada keuntungan
semoga design2 yg dipilih dan saiznya
menepati pilihan pelanggan

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Notebook bodoh!

aku ada notebook
notebook aku sangat bodoh
huruf b terpaksa dicopy and paste
amat la sakit hati
hari tu dah beli adapter baru
dah kena rm90
beli oem je sebab original rm250
membazir sebab rm250 leh buat belanja makan kenyang2 :D

huruf b dah lama problem
dah hantar servis centre utk service
sudah service elok sekejap dalam seminggu
lepas tu langsung xleh tekan
dengan marah aku hentak huruf b itu dengan handphone ... huhuh... aku yg bodoh kali ni!
dan akhirnya, huruf b itu sudah kemek
dan getah dalamnya dah tercabut
mahu ganti b sahaja costnya rm30
nanti ganti la
susah plak asik nak kena copy n paste

itu la kesudahan notebook yang bodoh
dan pemilik yang sengal
dah tau rosak lg rosakkan

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Syukur Alhamdulillah

hari ni dan semalam sales amat memberangsangkan
harapan agar kekal
bulan april agak merosot sales
minggu pertama april sales agak cantik
tp masuk minggu ke dua dan seterusnya merudum
makanya, gaji sedikit

perlukan kewangan lebih ni
ada perkara2 penting dalam kehidupan
modal utk ed hardy dan levi's
belanja keperluan dan kehendak

semoga dirahmati dan diberkati
ya Allah
bukakanlah pintu rezeki hamba-Mu ini ya Allah seluas2 alam ciptaan-Mu ini