Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rezeki from Allah

Knowing Kak Zuraini from email
Actually from my ShopFrom-USA blog
She email me and asking for Corelle
A long time discussion and negotiation
And finally she came up with 66 sets order of Corelle

I dont know my exact profit
Everything have been passed to Taufiq to handle
I just need to keep contact with Kak Zuraini
She's not in Malaysia actually
I have to call and sms Qatar to communicate with her
And of coz my bills are high
But its ok...
This is what we call business
We dont sure the income yet
But we must have expected value on the action we do

For me... As long as i can supply the requested items
Earn profit

Hopefully will have more reseller to come and buy from us

Aminn ya Allah

Friday, September 28, 2012

Week end

Weekend again
Dont have planning where to go
Saturday night will have badminton session with brothers, sister in laws, niece and nephew
Rent the court for 3 hours

Saturday morning need to take medicine for kak lina
Saturday afternoon and evening nowhere to go
Maybe just relaxing

Sunday usually a lazy day
Will stay at home doing nothing
Washing my cloth
Clean out my house
Cook for my lunch and dinner
Watch tv
What else?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 tickets and stop!

What a day
Only can do 10 tickets
At 4.30 my floaters did not allow me to do more
She suggest me to help those who having difficulties on their production
I start walk to both of my team member
Both of them having problem working with the ticket
Start consulting and giving spirit to them
They easily upset and stress
Both quite clumsy
So i need to teach them how to work in a simple and easiest way
How to detact what is the problem with their ticket
Is the opportunity being uploaded or linked
Is there any contract number can be find by the domain name provided
EA number to be search in installed based
Serial number to be check in admin portal
How to consolidate the missing instance

Alhamdulillah both can understand
But i believe
Tomorrow they will ask me again
This is what happen everyday
I have my own target
I need to achieve my target and need to exceed the limit for my career growth
But i have to balance it while helping the other team
A bit stress sometimes

May Allah ease my way

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

8 Tickets

A very long day
A very difficult ticket to settle
A very stressful day
A very exhausted day
But finally done with 8 tickets
Hit the target!
Management target is 5 plus OT is 1 equal to 6
Quite impressive for me as a new quoter

Expected to settle 10 because of 1 hour OT in the morning
But due to the difficulties of the tickets
Only 8 were settle
2 of the ticket on hold for CSO response
But finally back without any on hold ticket
Luckily CSO reply in a very fast time
And settle sharp at 6.30pm today

More ticket is more challenging

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A ticket for 3.5 Hours

Its horrible
I finish my morning just for 1 ticket
Which is totally unconsolidate
Even i have been renew it as consolidation
And even i have done same procedure for 3 times
But its still lost 1 instances and suddently lost another 1 instance
Until my floater start wondering
Finally Kak Mar (our floater) suggest me to copy the contract
And i start working on it
And Alhamdulillah
Close the ticket before 12.30

After lunch
I start to cover another 4 ticket to be done
Alhamdulillah i got 1 ticket partially easy
3 ticket which is totally easy
Wondering how can i manage to close 20 ticket per day?
As Paul and Kak Mar told us
From day to day you can manage to settle 20 ticket
Sometimes even more
Especially when the ticket i easy
I agreed with them

As for me
For easy ticket
I can settle it within 15 minutes
This is including the slowest oracle system and Data Extrator

Last Friday i manage to close 6 ticket
Which our target is only 5 as a beginner
But today, i only manage to close 5 ticket
Which i meet the target set by the management
But i am not satisfied with it
Will try more tomorrow

Monday, September 24, 2012

HR Induction

After 3 weeks working
Finally we meet HR people for the induction
We the only team late for the induction
HR busy with staff assessment during the time we join ServiceSource
That's the reason why our session have been postpone for so long

A good team work activities
We have been divided into two group
We need to assemble the tracking box without any instruction given
As usual... I will act as a leader in my team
Discussing and explaining why we should do this n there
Try to assemble within 15 minutes
Manage to assemble successfully

The HR Training Manager says something nice about my group
We did not appoint anybody to be a leader
But it is my initiative to act as a leader
That is a good things in one team
Because i was explaining to my team what we should do and why we do
6 of us working together in a very relax situation

While the other team dont have a leader
Everyone is talking and take charge
That is the different
In every team work
You must have a leader
Either you appoint them
Or someone must act as a leader
There will always someone talented in your team

I was inspire by her words
She remind us that it is easy to be promoted in this company if we do perform well
I have my own target
I need to start as a normal Sales Support Administrator
I am looking forward to be a working captain if i manage to learn everything faster than others
And if everything well, i am planning to be a team leader
And so on as a manager n etc

Well... Its just a dream
Without dream we do nothing
Dream, work hard...
With Allah blessing
InsyaAllah we will get whatever we plan and dream of

Sunday, September 23, 2012


These 2 days
I took a lot of pills
Flu, Fever, Body Ache, Ponstan and Syrup
Its been a long time i did not take any special medication pills for my flu

But i will need supplement soon
Supplement is needed for my health
Always dizzy and headache
Always feeling tired and less energy

Flu and Body Aches

After 3 hours badminton session last night
With very energetic movement
I felt that my legs and right hand in pain
Today morning
Woke up and my flu worst than yesterday

Body aches make me lazy to go out
Just stay at home
Cooking, washing, watching drama's...
And now the headache come
Need to eat my medicine

I think i am too old now
If too active i will feel pain
Or at least a bad body aches

Time to get rid from all stress!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Headache, Cough n Flu

Suddently got cough last Wednesday
Got Flu yesterday
Got Headache today
And now feeling like fever is coming

I need to be healthy
I am new in learning new system and operation
Need more focus on understanding

Yet to get the medical card from company
Just took any pills that suitable for my condition now
Luckily i keep some of the flu pills, headache pills, cough syrup and fever pills...

Hope everything will be fine
Today morning planning to watch speed boat at Taman Metropolitan
Evening need to send my sister in law to my niece school in Bangi
Tonight will have badminton session with my brothers

Now need to move to Kak Lina house
Will go to Taman Metropolitan with her and her nephew Afif

Friday, September 21, 2012

Live Ticket and Production

Semalam dah mula live ticket
Dapat siapkan 4 aje
Arini dah kira production
Dapat siapkan 6 aje sebab ticket 2nd tu complicated
Perlukan advance knowledge
Yg mana advance training adalah 2 minggu dari skrg
Tiket ke4 pun sama td
Floater xnak cek ticket aku sbb aku pnya plg byk bundle n instance
What to do
Redha aje la
Pening gak kepala nak cr mana EOL sbb nak kena delete dr oracle
Nak kena cari yg almost EOL sbb nk kena update last support dlm oracle
Perlukan ketajaman mata dan ketelitian btl keje baru ni
Tapi aku teruja
Setiap ticket berbeza2 cabaran aku dpt
Yg mana senang sekejap aje dh boleh close
Yg mana susah 2 jam gak nak kena settlekan
Floater 2 org... Team 13 org...
Kelam kabut la floater nak cek one by one

Aku secara x langsung bertindak mcm ketua la td
Dgn suara lantang 'batch 19, who's going to sky tracking on 13th October? I think it should be compulsory'
Respond agak baik
Sebelah petang dpt broadcast msg dr Telacia trainer kami utk confirmkan participation sky tracking itu
So sekali lg aku bersuara
'guys please vote now'
And they all ikut aje
Pdhal bkn ada sapa2 lantikpun

Maybe ada yg akan rs aku tunjuk belang
Or berlagak mcm ketua
Tp itu sifat azali
Kerja lama dulu aku leader
So sikap tu terbw2
Zaman sekolah dulu setiausaha, n ketua utk subject tertentu
So sikap keleaderan itu dah sebati
Susah btl nk buang

Camna nak buang sikap kepimpinan itu?
Sebab automatik ada apa2 mesti aku yg akan bersuara

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Lama dah x sakit kepala
Bila start balik
Susah la nak hilang sakit ni

Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy Sunday

What a crazy day
11am start moving to Bangi
Accompany my niece to her teacher's open house
Meet her friends
Then at 2pm moving to Bangah's house

This is where the crazy's come
I dont know the exact way to move out from Bangi area to the highway
My nephew with confident told me that he know the ways
But my niece not confident enough
The GPS only shows shah alam area
What should i do?
I follow the sign board
Suddently my nephews ask me to take right way
And i ask either he's confident enough
Yes he is
Suddently i saw Putrajay sign board
Oh my God
How come we already in Putrajaya
I have to take crazy decision
Drove back to my home
Coz thats the only way i know how to go to my brother house
Overall journey it takes 2 hours
Its actually took about 30 minutes from Bangi to Hulu Langat
Its funny, stupid and crazy
This is what will happen if we 'buta jalan'
To be honest... I am hard to remember any road/direction
Its not my best
A very tiring day of driving

Saturday, September 15, 2012

English and Grammar

I have bad grammar when comes to writing.
But i can speak English better than i wrote.
I need to write more?
And learn more on grammar?
Who's going to be my teacher?

Hectic Saturday!

Woke-up at 6
Washed my cloth
Take a bath
Clean up the sink
Ready to send my sis to UIA
At 8.15 driving to UIA
At 10.00 already in different car
Follow, accompany and advise my niece for her dorm expenses
Finish with 135 items shopping around 4pm below than my expectation budget
My niece satisfied with my opinion and ideas and the way i manage the money
At 5pm driving a different car to fetch my sis back from UIA without single second to rest
At 6pm fetch my niece to Selayang Mall
Again, not even single second to rest
Advise on her party dress shopping again
Had dinner with my sis, niece and nephew at Secret Recipe
At 8.30 arrive home
Continue wash different cloth
Argh! I am so tired

Friday, September 14, 2012

VMware Raya Celebration

A contest for decorating cubilce of the group have been assigned to our senior
A contest of nomination for presenting each group by selecting female and male
Both are fantastic event for today

But unfortunately, i'm almost collaps when the event came to the best part which the winner nomination
Luckily Nita was beside me
I cannot see anything, my eyes was blur
I cannot hear anything, my ears feel strange
But my brain still working
I am asking for Nita help to bring me to the room that i can have rest
Nita told me that i am not stable to walk
She start trying to hug me on the way to the room

Once in the room she ask do i need something?
I just request for a cup of warm water
Drank the water and start to feel a bit better
But she's still worry about me because i'm to pale
My lips dont have blood
My face and body sweating heavily
Until i can feel that my cloth are wet

After a few minutes, i feel that i can join the party back
Introduce myself to the huge team
Ate the food provided by the management
But still not fully recover
Force myself to continue the training
Finish and back as fast as i can
And now lying on my bed
Need time to fully recover

The unexpected things happen was my senior came into the room
Asking either i need anything while Nita is on her way to provide me with warm water
I answered to them 'its ok, my friend help me to bring the water'
And they still inform if i need medicine just let them know
The truth is that i dont see their face because my eyes was blur
I can only listen to their voice
I saw two shadow which mean there are two of them
And this is the worst feeling i ever felt
I cant even say thank you to them because i cant think wisely on that time
Just waiting for the water to arrive
I put my head on the table and try to rest

And suddently Kelvin come and ask if i need medicine
He even bring the medicine to me
And prepare file for Nita to use it
But i refuse and say thank you

I feel embarassed
But what can i do?
Suddently its come
Maybe because of first day period
And i use high heels
Exercise in the morning without take any breakfast
Not enough rest i think

Overall, this is my 2nd experience
First i was collaps back to 2009
And this year almost collaps but i act fast by asking help from friend

Thanks to all of them who concern about me

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ice blended Coklat

Addicted to ice blended coklat
Craving for Coffee Bean Pure Double Choclate
Tp area kepong ni mana la nak dapat
Gloria Jean's aje la yg ada
Tp minah tu x pandai buat plak
Manis ya Allah... Redha ajela
Starbuck x boleh terima sgt coklatnya
Sangat x pure and less coklat taste
San Francisco plak area Jalan Tun Razak adala
Dome? Ice coklat aje yg sedap...
Napa Coffee Bean xnak buka kat KL ni banyak2???

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fruity Day!!

Every Friday is a fruit day
Every week except the end of the month

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Alhamdulillah sudah selesai segala registration as an employee
Sweaterpun dah siap try size
Rezeki btl dpt sweater dpt... Ngam2 join they all tgh nak prepare sweater for VMware team
Semua stationary dah dapat
New PC with 24" monitor juga dah setup atas nama sendiri

Dah mula buat basic job
Update opportunity name
Aku cepat siap sebab dh biasa updating CRM
Itu advantage aku kat sana
At least aku dah didedahkan dgn CRM ms kerja dgn Data and Peri
Secara x langsung aku mudah memahami dan dapat membantu rakan sekerja yg lain

Training akan start minggu depan
Hopefully otak masih segar nak menerima input2 baru
Semoga Allah melapangkan fikiran

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Berdebar rasanya nak memulakan kerja baru
Semoga ini yg terbaik
Walaupun hati berat mahu meneruskan kerja
Seperti mahu berniaga semula
Tapi perlu mendapatkan contact yg cukup