Thursday, September 27, 2012

10 tickets and stop!

What a day
Only can do 10 tickets
At 4.30 my floaters did not allow me to do more
She suggest me to help those who having difficulties on their production
I start walk to both of my team member
Both of them having problem working with the ticket
Start consulting and giving spirit to them
They easily upset and stress
Both quite clumsy
So i need to teach them how to work in a simple and easiest way
How to detact what is the problem with their ticket
Is the opportunity being uploaded or linked
Is there any contract number can be find by the domain name provided
EA number to be search in installed based
Serial number to be check in admin portal
How to consolidate the missing instance

Alhamdulillah both can understand
But i believe
Tomorrow they will ask me again
This is what happen everyday
I have my own target
I need to achieve my target and need to exceed the limit for my career growth
But i have to balance it while helping the other team
A bit stress sometimes

May Allah ease my way

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