Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A ticket for 3.5 Hours

Its horrible
I finish my morning just for 1 ticket
Which is totally unconsolidate
Even i have been renew it as consolidation
And even i have done same procedure for 3 times
But its still lost 1 instances and suddently lost another 1 instance
Until my floater start wondering
Finally Kak Mar (our floater) suggest me to copy the contract
And i start working on it
And Alhamdulillah
Close the ticket before 12.30

After lunch
I start to cover another 4 ticket to be done
Alhamdulillah i got 1 ticket partially easy
3 ticket which is totally easy
Wondering how can i manage to close 20 ticket per day?
As Paul and Kak Mar told us
From day to day you can manage to settle 20 ticket
Sometimes even more
Especially when the ticket i easy
I agreed with them

As for me
For easy ticket
I can settle it within 15 minutes
This is including the slowest oracle system and Data Extrator

Last Friday i manage to close 6 ticket
Which our target is only 5 as a beginner
But today, i only manage to close 5 ticket
Which i meet the target set by the management
But i am not satisfied with it
Will try more tomorrow

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