Monday, September 24, 2012

HR Induction

After 3 weeks working
Finally we meet HR people for the induction
We the only team late for the induction
HR busy with staff assessment during the time we join ServiceSource
That's the reason why our session have been postpone for so long

A good team work activities
We have been divided into two group
We need to assemble the tracking box without any instruction given
As usual... I will act as a leader in my team
Discussing and explaining why we should do this n there
Try to assemble within 15 minutes
Manage to assemble successfully

The HR Training Manager says something nice about my group
We did not appoint anybody to be a leader
But it is my initiative to act as a leader
That is a good things in one team
Because i was explaining to my team what we should do and why we do
6 of us working together in a very relax situation

While the other team dont have a leader
Everyone is talking and take charge
That is the different
In every team work
You must have a leader
Either you appoint them
Or someone must act as a leader
There will always someone talented in your team

I was inspire by her words
She remind us that it is easy to be promoted in this company if we do perform well
I have my own target
I need to start as a normal Sales Support Administrator
I am looking forward to be a working captain if i manage to learn everything faster than others
And if everything well, i am planning to be a team leader
And so on as a manager n etc

Well... Its just a dream
Without dream we do nothing
Dream, work hard...
With Allah blessing
InsyaAllah we will get whatever we plan and dream of

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