Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rezeki from Allah

Knowing Kak Zuraini from email
Actually from my ShopFrom-USA blog
She email me and asking for Corelle
A long time discussion and negotiation
And finally she came up with 66 sets order of Corelle

I dont know my exact profit
Everything have been passed to Taufiq to handle
I just need to keep contact with Kak Zuraini
She's not in Malaysia actually
I have to call and sms Qatar to communicate with her
And of coz my bills are high
But its ok...
This is what we call business
We dont sure the income yet
But we must have expected value on the action we do

For me... As long as i can supply the requested items
Earn profit

Hopefully will have more reseller to come and buy from us

Aminn ya Allah

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