Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skytrex with VMware team

Finally i manage to join this kind of activity
Its really need a lot of concentration and team work in skymatch
To move a meteor ball from one pipe to another pipe using a rope
7 of us need a lot of communication
I as a team captain need to give an instruction to move left, right, forward or backword
Calculate the movement slowly to make sure the ball is stabil
Danny help a lot since he have experience as a manager
Others team members give a lot of effort and communication as well

For another challenge...
I forgot the name
But its really challenging
We need to stay in one square size of stone with 7 people on it
The size become smaller from one point to another point
At this section i have to make sure i will be at the smallest part since i'm slimmer than others (ladies)
I and Danny hugging between each other to make sure we are balance enough
There is no other feeling shy or whatever
Since it is a team work, i dont mind about it
But Danny concern by asking me to do the final one with one of the ladies
The problem is that only both of us are slimmer
So i ignore whatever he said at first stage as i need more point to get the best score to win
But at second round he ask Anis and me to be at final point
This time i cannot stand because of Anis come and hug me in a rough way
I cannot balance myself and we finish that point with zero score
Whatever it is, we enjoyed a lot on this game

Final game in skymatch is balloon with water
We need to pass the balloon to each of us by throw it from one hand to another
But my team got zero score on this game
I respect Anis capability to catch the balloon
She's really superb on that

And last is big trail in skytrex
We need to climb up to 17m high
Started with Danny and others team member
As a Captain i will be the last to make sure everyone is ok
Reach the first check point and moving to another point with working inside the net
Climb another stairs to do a flying fox
At another check point need to walk using a rob and a pipe
Its really need your hand strength
Your leg should be strong enough to balance your body
Skytrex really rock!
I never expect that i manage to do such activity since i'm not that active since children
The only challenge i like is flying fox
Because i can relax a bit after streching my hand and leg
We need to collect sticker at certain check point and write down the password
Final check point i'm asking is everyone choose team 5 password?
And final is i'm checking my password with Danny to make sure everyone is correct
Once correct we back to our place and have lunch at almost 3pm
Its really tiring
But its good for us

We need to go out more
I need to know more people in VMware team
We have 100+ staff i think or maybe more?
Since i'm new there i did not know the exact number of staff for VMware only
Dell, Netapp and others sharing floor
But VMware team concer floor 13A and a part of us in floor 15
Hope can know each of them
So that easy to communicate
Only 50-70 people join the skytrex
So i only manage to know a few
Some of them arrogant
Even i smile and talk they ignore me
Its ok...
Just be friend with those like to have a a new friend
If you dont like to have a friend
Dont join this kind of activity
You need to talk with others too

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