Saturday, June 15, 2013

Full 12 hours

Keluar rumah 10am 
Straight to Pantai pick my sis n brothers
Sent them to LCCT
All board to Vietnam

Direct to Wangsa Maju amik Kak Mar
Shop a bit at Aeon Big Keramat
Straight to Ampang Puteri
Visit Aishah yang dah seminggu admited
Lepak n borak until 4pm

Drive to Plaza low yat
Kak Mar beli notebook
Have some issue plak
Luckily aku cek sblum terus accept n blk
That's y Kak Mar need me as consultant
I know a bit pasal notebook
Tunggu sampai 8+

Send Kak Mar home
Drive back to home
Sampai at 10pm
And sangat mengantuk

A happy day actually
Talk a lot with Kak Mar
Never have chance to talk a lot bila kt opis

Need time to rest
Tomorrow will have another pack schedule

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