Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Journey

Every weekdays
Every morning
Around 5am...
Woke up... Take a bath
Solat Subuh
Driving to Kak Lina house
Fetch her and drive to komuter/putra

Shuttle bus to office
Before 8am
Already infront of my computer 
Started to work
Always work early everytime ticket is around
If there is no ticket, there is nothing to do...
I don't know what to do...

I'm typing while i'm in a train right now
With a bit sleepy eyes
A bit headache
A bit stomach ache

My TL, Helen will come to work today
After 3 days...
Hopefully everything will be good
A good ticket perhaps

Need to find a good mood to start work
Need to find a good friend to talk with?
Nah! I dont need friend to talk at all to get the mood
Just need someone who can make me happy
By seeing she/he around...
It will make my day...
Ada ke? Hurm...

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