Friday, October 11, 2013

Hard Ticket

What a bad day?
32 contract early in the morning
Settle consolidation and check all the instances
Suddently found 2 instances need fullfilment
Its a revision ticket which previous quoter have wrongly quote that instances
About an hour wasting just like that

Continue with consolidation ticket and very few single contract
Around 10am got another ticket with 33 contract
Oh my God! What is happening?
EPIP is on and i couldnt make it
Got 6 EA and 2 of it are multiple party
On hold again?
Waste about one hour to scrub the RER

After lunch
Continue with consolidation
Until 5.10 request for basic ticket to hit my daily target
Helen a bit surprise
Dont want to hit for EPIP?
No i dont. I'm tired!

Its a bad day for work
But a good moment for me
Suraya says 'siapa suruh tak pegang pintu?'
Hah? Because i am holding you
Dalam hati je la

Bila nak settle problem ni?

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