Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Activity

Its an unplanned activity
Archery will definitely interest me
A bit pain on my wrist
Not even a year after the accident
More or less... The pain still there

Important is...
M enjoying the activity with my niece n sis
We went to many places today
Bought lunch for my bro and his friend 
He's an electrical engineer and handling wiring at my sis office
Well its her leisure job
He left from an engineer to become a school van driver
Important is... Its his own business n the work less stressed

Archery at Aeon Keramat AU2
Subway take a way once done with archery
Went to my sis office to accompany her
And busy body to check all the cabin wiring n electrical port are functioning well

Hang out at coffee bean with my sis n niece
En Adam also in the house
Back at almost 10 pm
And its really a tiring day
And now...
I really need a rest
Tomorrow gonna start a new day with a new hope

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