Friday, September 26, 2014


Do i look restless/Tired?
People keep telling me
'You look tired now compared to last time'
'You look restless, u need some rest'
'Hey, u look pale'

Yes i am
I don't even have 'me' time on weekend
I mean lepak/baring/golek for at least one full day
Every saturday n sunday
Move out as early as 8 
Back late at night
Rumah dah mcm hotel

On weekdays
Move around 7.30
Back around 6-7
Biasa after work no where to go
Just have some rest
Clean up Adelle cage
Btw, Adelle just had her surgery for spray
Doc cakap she just eat utk hidup, that the reason dia semakin kurus
Umpama kucing terbiar dah aku tengok
Nasib cepat bawa kasi (mandulkan)

Just a few more days before my UK and Europe travel
And i really need rest
I will be super tiring during travel nanti
Semoga Allah memberikan kesihatan yg sempurna dan mempermudahkan urusan percutian aku nanti

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