Saturday, December 20, 2014

Me time

What is exactly the meaning of me time?
Relaxing at home?
Go for shopping?
Or go to spa or saloon?
For me
Me time is whenever i am happy with my day
Either meeting with families or friends
Or do anything that i like

As for today
Jog with my sis in law early in the morning
Motorcycle service which ganti spocket, lining break and normal motor service
Cuci motor dekat kedai
And finally manage to cut my hair after few weeks tertangguh
And hair treatment as well

This is me time for me
But lack something
I miss my Kak Lina
Been a long time x jumpa
Hoping to meet my niece semalam tapi dia call cakap balik kampung
Alone lagi

Tomorrow planning ke low yat cari notebook for Afiqah
Means that tomorrow will neet my niece and have a lot to talk
Dia dah further study kat Pasir Gudang
So we might need to spend time and borak2

Aishah talked to me yesterday
Anything that make me happy
Will always consider as me time

Lantak la

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