Sunday, December 21, 2014

People change

I know people change
Either to a good one or to the bad one
But I dont see anything on her
I mean that she's change a lot
And I dont like the change
I dont like the new her
Break my heart
And no more care and understanding

Is that normal for someone to change after married?
I mean to change into cruel?
What i mean cruel is that...
She never care about me
She never listen to my heart
She never ask me anything to confirm on things
She never talk like before
She never contact me as usual
She dont share story to me and dont listen to me anymore

All of this
Really break my heart into pieces
If married can change people like that
That a good reason for me to avoid that
I do want to get married
Many cases happen infront of my eyes
Its a good lesson to avoid married

I know once a woman marry a man
She need to obey to her husband
But for this case
Ya i mean my case and her
I dont have any right to object that
Its just that
Why u need to change into a different people?
Totally a different person which i feel
I dont even know u anymore

If I can ever turn back the time
I dont want to get to know u
Its better we dont know each other
Rather than u break my heart into pieces

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