Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New System

Last week and this week ada training
We are moving to a new system
No more crm or Oscar as reference
Oracle still maintain
But ada a few changes on Oracle usage
VMstar is replacing CRM
Feel like the system is not practical
But kena test the system first
19th January full production release
That will be the day for me to see either the system efficient enough to replace crm or vice versa
Based on the training shows that its more complicated and not user friendly
But still there is pro and cons for every system
But the new system will slow down our production
We have to wait at least 30 minutes before can proceed to close one case
Which it is easy for me to close within 5-10 minutes using crm

I believe that vmware planning to take over their account back
We still have another 2 years for the contract
Once the new system fully functioning
I believe SSI will lost vmware as the biggest account
And that means i will lost my job as well
So start to plan your future ye Isma

Jangan selesa sangat dengan environment sekarang
Look for more opportunity

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