Saturday, April 11, 2015


I can't sleep well
Keep awake 
Sleep around 12 something
Woke up around 2am
And couldn't sleep until 4-5
Sleep again and woke up around 5 something

My mind
Keep thinking about what happen to my life
Helen last day
Suraya last day
I lost both
Important person for me
My motivation to come to work

Need to motivate myself
To accept new team and TL
I think that's the reason why Helen put me under Tarmizi team
Because she know Mizi is a good TL as well
She keep convince me that Mizi also good
Macam budak2 nak kena convince

When you lost someone
You will know how I feel
The feeling of lossing people we comfortable with
Is nothing can be describe in words

Kak Lina told me
That is life
We must move on
People come and go
Usually people come and go but I don't have this kind of feeling
This is something different
Hormon maybe
Or age?

May Allah ease my way
Give me strong faith
And make me more taqwa 

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