Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Positive feedback from TL
Hoping that you will involve more in any special task/project
Hope you can be a person to go more in the future
Hoping you can teach Chris on booking. You better than other senior that's why I choose u to teach booking
You doing well and just because you new in here
I cannot approach for anything

Well... I worked for 4 months + 1 month training in vmware
I was promoted within that 5 months
I worked less than a year... I got promoted again
3 consecutive years I have been promoted
But its all in vmware
When I came to Dell
Its like hell
Redha je la

Since global economic crisis
Terima seadanya
Alhamdulillah still ada kerja
Gaji yang terlebih berpatutan dengan education
Syukur pada-Mu ya Allah

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