Wednesday, September 14, 2016

3 days leave

I took replacement leave for today
Annual leave for tomorrow
And Observe for the day after tomorrow
3 consecutive days on leave
To spend my time with my niece

Watched Train to Busan this afternoon
Drop by mama house to pass chocolatelava cake that I bought from Ween
Ambil ayam yang order haritu
Drove back home

Went to Fiskae Steakhouse for 3rd time after Maghrib
Tutup lagi
Went to NRV Western Food googled by Afiqah
Had our dinner and I'm full
Satisfied with the taste

Tomorrow plan to buy travel bag for Firdaus
Upah sebab susah2 hantar Afiqah balik masa dia demam
Until Firdaus pulak demam for almost a week

Friday plan to keluar with kak ana, afiqah and the rest
I did promise to hadiahkan watch to Nurin
I think its a good time to buy for her
Let her choose

Everytime I say something
I will try to fulfilled whatever i say
It's a kind of promise

May Allah ease my way 

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