Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bidan Terjun

Khamis aritu
Non of the sme's are in
Even wai fun working captain on her annual leave for chinese new year
Afiq on paternity leave
The only hope they have was on me
To pull the request and assign
Within 15-20 minutes
Connie teach me how to assign n get all the data
From scratch to the end
Ops serabut kepala
One time je dia ajar
Pastu aku sendiri kena usaha sebab dia nak balik
Alhamdulillah manage to do all
Looks easy but its not
Remeh la jugak
A few excel kena buka
One for assigned
One for report
One for pull data
One for previous assigment details

The next day
Ragu say 'isma thank u. For helping'
No problem... i ni umpama bidan terjun. Do u know what its means? 
'No i dont. Apa tu?'
Its a kind of things... i know nothing and so sudden i need to work on it
And we both laugh

To work with ragu my sme leads
Is something good
He knows everything
And x kedekut ilmu
Rajin la dia share knowledge dengan aku
With his talent
Team leader/manager level 1 sangat sesuai untuk dia
Kalau dia jd manager...
At least we have manager who can do and know everything
Manager yang ada sekarang
Apapun xtau
Macam mana jadi manager pun entah la

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